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Your Worst Nightmare
Episode Number 9 (19 Overall)
Air Date October 29, 2013
Theme Nightmares
Skill Technique
Top Dancer(s) Gianna
Bottom Dancer(s) Trinity
Eliminated None (Trinity was spared from elimination thanks to Rachelle's Call-Back Card)
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Wild West Showdown
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Divas in the House

Your Worst Nightmare is the ninth episode of the second season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. It aired on October 29, 2013.



With this week's theme of "Nightmares", the dancers tackle all kinds of things that go bump in the night... while their moms have trouble keeping their inner monsters in check. The claws come out when one mom tries to sabotage another with dance assignments. And then, the worst nightmare of all, teen angst hits some of the dancers and they turn on their mothers.


Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style
All Dancers Haunted Marionettes
The Witching Hour
(not shown; released as extra)
Contemporary Ballet
Trinity Possession
An Evil & Fear of Possession
Modern Funk
McKaylee Bird of Prey
Turn It Back
Contemporary Aerial
Gianna Zombie Dreams
Your Own Disguise
Jazz Funk
Vampire Attack
All You Leave Behind

Other Information

  • The winner of the group challenge was McKaylee, who got the chance to choose the members of the duet. McKaylee chose JoJo and Kalani to be in a duet together.
  • Rachelle's Call-Back Card marks the final use of a Call-Back Card this season.