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   nTyler Atwood
Tyler (right frame) and his brother
Travis (left frame) with their mother
Background Information
Gender Male
Age 20 (12 on AUDC)
Date of Birth November 28, 2001
Occupation Dancer
Studio Talent Factory
Affiliations The Talent Factory
Rhode Island Ballet Theatre
Hometown Jamestown, Rhode Island
Competition Information
Season   2
Place   8th
Favored Genres
First Appearance
  Make It Count!
Last Appearance
  Meet Abby's Newest Ultimate Dancer
Episode Eliminated
  Broadway Backstabbers
Friends and Family
Sheryl (mother)
Travis (twin brother)
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Tyler Song/Dance Guide
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Tyler Atwood is a thirteen-year-old dancer on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, Season 2. Tyler was 8th in Season 2.


Tyler and his identical twin brother Travis both started dancing at a young age and have been dancing together since with budding careers in the entertainment world. Tyler's favorite style of dance to perform and watch is hip hop. Tyler's specialty is contemporary and he has been dancing for four years. If he isn't a dancer, he would like to be a pro soccer player or engineer. 

On Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Tyler and his twin brother Travis, made it to Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition's second season. Tyler was put in the Michael Jackson trio with Haley and Sarina  and was the only member of his trio not to land in the bottom. Tyler continued onto the second week, almost winning the group challenge but he lost to Gianna. Tyler was paired with his brother and JoJo, and all three of them made it to the next round. Tyler was then paired with Ally and McKaylee for their trio and once again ended up safe. Tyler landed in the bottom for the first time in Vegas week but was saved because he was 'masculine' in his trio. Tyler and Travis were teamed up yet again for a duet and Tina deemed them safe. Tyler was placed with Trinity and JoJo in a Newsies themed trio. Tyler was booted from the center position by the choreographer. Tyler was in the bottom two with his brother Travis but he was the twin that was sent home. Tyler attended the finale, and danced in the group dance.


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Safe Safe Safe Bottom Safe Eliminated


  • Tyler and Travis are only the 2nd and 3rd boys in AUDC (First being Lennon)
  • Tyler and Travis are the only twins ever in AUDC.
  • Tyler was the first Hip-Hop boy of AUDC
  • Outside of Dance, Tyler is active in competitive soccer with his brother.

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