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   nTrinity Inay
Trinity with her mother, Tina
Background Information
Gender Female
Age 22 (12 on show)
Date of Birth May 15,[1] 2000
Occupation Dancer
Studio Allegro Performing Arts Academy
Hometown Seattle, WA
Competition Information
Season   2
Place   3rd
Favored Genres
  Hip Hop
Disfavored Genres
First Appearance
  Make It Count!
Last Appearance
  Meet Abby's Newest Ultimate Dancer
Episode Eliminated
  Meet Abby's Newest Ultimate Dancer
Friends and Family
Tina (mother)
Unnamed Father
3 brothers
2 sisters
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Trinity Inay is a 21 year old dancer that was featured on Season 2 of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. Trinity placed 3rd in the competition.


Trinity's mother Tina grew up as a professional dancer and knew dancing was a positive and healthy art so she enrolled Trinity as soon as she was ready. Trinity's favorite styles of dance to perform and watch are jazz and hip hop, which are also her specialties. She has been dancing for five years. If she doesn't end up being a professional dancer, she would like to be an actress or singer.

On Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Trinity was one of the eleven dancers who made it onto Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. Trinity was the first dancer to win a group challenge and got to pick Ally and Chloe as her partners for her Beyonce-inspired trio. Trinity landed in the bottom three because she didn't stand out and was out-danced but she moved on because of her strong performance in the first group challenge. Trinity was paired with challenge winner Gianna for her duet called "Two Sides of a Star" next week but ended in the bottom five. Trinity made it past the week and impressed the judges with her lyrical duet with Travis called "Medusa's Tragic Romance". Trinity made it on to the next week. Trinity once again won the group challenge, and was granted with immunity. She did a duet with McKaylee called "Flying High" and was automatically moved onto next week. Trinity took the lead role in her Newsies trio with JoJo and Tyler. Trinity ended up being Abby's favorite for the week with her power and moved on. Trinity competed with Ally in a routine based off of Evil Stepmothers. Trinity was applauded for her performance but not her technique. The judges believe that Trinity is growing and she was safe. Trinity won her fourth challenge and her mother got the chance to save someone from the bottom three, giving Trinity immunity for the third time. Trinity outshined JoJo in the duet and was safe while her mother saved Gianna. Next week, Trinity struggled with her very first solo of the season. It came down to her and Kalani but while Kalani was saved, Rachelle saved Trinity will her Call-Back Card. Trinity chose to join JoJo in the hip-hop duet and outshined her once again. Abby had nothing to say to Trinity and she moved on to the final four. Next week Trinity is assigned a Lyrical solo by Cindy and argues heavily with her. Trinity struggles but she is saved when no one goes home. Trinity beat Kalani in the group challenge and got the last spot in the finals. Trinity was 3rd place.


Trinity continues to dance, primarily Hip-Hop. Trinity recently joined a dance crew called "Sugar and Spice" with the stage name HoneyBee.


To see tables for Trinity Inay's performances and results, visit the Trinity Inay/Performances subpage.

AUDC Episodes Results Table

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Bottom Safe Immunity
Top Safe Top
Safe Bottom 3rd


  • Trinity had won the most group challenges of anyone on the show, winning a total of four challenges.
  • Trinity was the second gymnast on the show, the first being Asia. Ironically they were both often critiqued for their sickled feet and came third in their respective seasons.
  • Trinity and Tina revealed in an interview that Trinity was first in soccer, then gymnastics but due to Trinity being allergic to the chalk used on a gymnast's hands to get a good grip on the bars, she moved onto dance.
  • She placed the highest out of all of the callback cards.
  • Trinity is a level eight gymnast.
  • Out of all of the girls who made it to the Top 3, she had performed the least solos on the show.
  • Up until about 7th grade, Trinity attended Seattle Christian Schools in SeaTac, Washington.

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