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   nSarina Jassy
Background Information
Gender Female
Age 21 (12 on AUDC)
Date of Birth July 22nd,[1] 2000
Occupation Dancer
Studio Danceology
Affiliations San Diego Dance Centre
Competition Information
Season   2
Place   11th
First Appearance
  Make It Count!
Last Appearance
  Make It Count!
Episode Eliminated
  Make It Count!
Friends and Family
Sharon (mother)
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Sarina Jassy is a nineteen-year-old dancer who was a contestant on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. Sarina was the first dancer eliminated in Season 2, taking 11th place.


Sarina started dancing after she accompanied a neighbor to dance class and got hooked. Sarina's favorite style of dance to perform and watch is lyrical. If Sarina doesn't become a professional dancer, then she would like to be an orthopedic surgeon specializing in female athletes. Her specialties are jazz and lyrical and she has been dancing for eight years. Sarina also loves her fans and interacts with them usually.

On Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Sarina auditioned and was one of the final 11 dancers for Season 2. Sarina was assigned to the Michael Jackson Street Jazz Trio with Tyler and Haley. During the performance, Sarina messed up a part of the routine and her supporting leg slipped when she did one of her kicks. Her mother, Sharon, foolishly and indignantly blamed the choreographer, but regardless, Sarina was sent home. Sarina did not attend the finale, or dance in the group dance.


To see tables for Sarina Jassy's performances and results, visit the Sarina Jassy/Performances subpage.

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  • She is the only Season 2 dancer to appear in only 1 episode.
  • She is the first dancer eliminated in Season 2.
  • She competes in the dance moms season 4 nationals and receives 2nd in the teen division.
  • When she competed in the teen division of the 2014 In10sity Dance LA National Competition, she beat Chloe Lukasiak, Kendall Vertes and select ensemble member Kamryn Beck. She got 2nd in the teen division and third overall.
  • Sarina dances for the San Diego Dance Center, which was Sophia Lucia's old studio.

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