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Robin Antin
Robin Antin judge.jpg
Gender: Female
Born: July 6, 1961
Age: 60
Home: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Dancer
Fashion Designer
Affiliations: Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition (former judge)
Pussycat Dolls
Siblings: Steve (brother)
Jonathan (brother)
Neil (brother)
Friends: Abby Lee Miller
Richy Jackson
Episode Run
Debut: Casting Special
Last: Dance for Your Life

Robin Antin was a judge on Season 1 of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.


Regarded as one the most highly respected choreographers in the business, Robin Antin has incorporated her innate passion for the art of dance and her deeply rooted drive into a long roster of top-quality projects. Robin's career in dance began when when she was just a child and her knowledge has paved the way for her to build a resume including some of the most innovative and impressive choreography the world has seen. Robin possesses a constant desire to seek out and define the new and revolutionary and she has become a true catalyst in the evolution of dance as both a connoisseur of classic art form, and a groundbreaking pioneer in the infinitely growing industry of performance.[1]

On Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Robin served as a judge in just the first season of AUDC. She searched most for performance in the contestants and while sometimes she defended the contestants, sometimes she could be just as harsh as Abby in her critiques.

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