Rachelle Rak

Rachelle Rak
Rachelle Rak Judge.jpg
Gender: Female
Home: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Dancer
Affiliations: Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition (judge)
New York Dance Experience
Friends: Abby Lee Miller
Richy Jackson
Episode Run
Debut: Make It Count!
Last: Meet Abby's Newest Ultimate Dancer

Rachelle Rak was a judge on Season 2 of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.


Rachelle began her dance training at the age of 2 under the direction of her mother, Rosalene, at the Rosalene Kenneth Professional Dance Studio in Pittsburgh. She is labeled a Triple Threat on Broadway for her immeasurable talent in dance, singing, and acting. Rachelle was presented with an award by Dance Educators of America for her contribution to the world of dance. She has had a huge impact on the Broadway Community.[1]

On Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Rachelle joined the judging panel in the second season, stating that she was looking for someone with great technique, showmanship and was ultimately the "full package".

In Your Worst Nightmare, Rachelle used her call back card to save Trinity from going home.

On Dance Moms

For more details on Rachelle's work on Dance Moms, please follow this link to a related wiki.


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