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Meet Abby's Newest Ultimate Dancer
Episode Number 12 (22 Overall)
Air Date November 19, 2013
Theme None
Skill None
Fourth Place Kalani Hilliker (eliminated During the group challenge)
Third Place Trinity Inay (eliminated on the final stage show)
Runner-Up Gianna Newborg
Winner McKaylee True
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Meet Abby's Newest Ultimate Dancer is the twelfth and final episode of the second season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition as well as the last episode of the show to air to date. It aired on November 19, 2013.



It's finally time to choose this year's Ultimate Dancer. The finalists are so close they can taste it and they'll do anything to win the $100,000 and a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School in New York. Everything is on the line and every move they make counts. May the best dancer win!


Group Challenge Assignments

Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style
McKaylee I Danced A Dream
Halfway to Heaven
(previously performed in Broadway Backstabbers)
Lyrical Ballet Anthony Burrell
Gianna Zombie Dreams

Your Own Disguise
(previously performed in Your Worst Nightmare)

Jazz Funk Matt Cady
Trinity Down N' Dirty Diva
Shout Out
(previously performed as a duet with JoJo in Divas in the House)
Hip-Hop Q Pittman
Kalani Rhinestone Cowgirl
Wham Bam
(previously performed in Wild West Showdown)
Jazz Matt Cady

Stage Show Assignments

Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style
All Season 2 Dancers
(minus Chloe & Sarina)
The Contenders
Dare You To Love
Hip-Hop Erik Saradpon & Tessandra Chavez
McKaylee So Perfect Contemporary Victor Rojas
Gianna Falling
Contemporary Tessandra Chavez
Trinity Stellar Contemporary Tarua Hall

Special Performances

Maddie Ziegler, Richy, and Rachelle all performed routines at the finale.

Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style
Maddie Ziegler Survivor Lyrical Abby Lee Miller
Matt Cady
Victor Rojas
Back Up Dancers
Richy's World Hip-Hop Richy Jackson
Rachelle Rak Sas Jazz Rachelle Rak

Other Information

  • For the group challenge, the final four dancers were instructed to pick a dance from the season to re-perform and were told that the loser would be eliminated. This ended up being Kalani as she fell on her front aerial.
  • Trinity was the only girl to perform a dance that was previously a duet as a solo.
  • Season 1 cast members Asia Monet Ray, Brianna Haire and Jordyn Jones attended the finale.
  • Davis Robertson was a guest judge in this episode.
  • Coincidentally, the order that the solos were performed for the group challenged happened to be the order of placing for the final results. (McKaylee went first and won first for the entire show. Gianna went second and received 2nd etc.)


  • There is a shot during Rachelle's performance that shows Haley and Ally in the audience which means it was probably taken from another shot as Haley and Ally should have been backstage for the group dance.