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   nLexine Cantoria
Lexine 2015.jpg
Background Information
Gender Female
Age 20 (11 on AUDC)
Date of Birth February 22, 2001
Occupation Dancer
Studio Just Plain Dancin'
Hometown Norco, CA
Competition Information
Season   Season 1
Place   7th
Favored Genres
Disfavored Genres
First Appearance
  Casting Special
Episode Eliminated
  Dancing Through the Decades
Friends and Family
Maria (mother)
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Lexine Cantoria is an fifteen-year-old dancer from Norco, California. She was a contestant on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition Season 1.


Lexine was placed in dance after her mother, Maria, saw her passion for the art. Lexine's favorite style of dance to perform is contemporary and her favorite style to watch is hot jazz. Lexine dances at Just Plain Dancin'. If she won the $100,000, it would be saved for Lexine's future dance training and college fund. Lexine would like to be a doctor for dancers if she doesn't end up as a professional.

On Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Lexine successfully made it though the casting special. Lexine went through some difficulty in the first trio as it was hip-hop and she was trained more in ballet. Lexine messed up a bit on her front walkover but made it through only to be in another hip-hop trio week two. Lexine was praised for the trio and ended up winning the group challenge for week three, getting to choose her duet partner. She chose Hadley to push herself and made it past week three. She made it through week four and then she made it passed her hip-hop trio in week five. Lexine was paired with Asia for week six and she was eliminated. Lexine returned for the finale.

AUDC Performances


Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style Dancer(s)
Get Into Character Homeless
Broke Again
Jazz Hadley
Dancing Through the Decades 1980s Pop
I Want It Now
Pop Asia


Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style Dancer(s)
Let the Dancing Begin Paparazzi
Hip-Hop Asia
Unleash The Monsters Goblins
Like Hey
Hip-Hop Madison
In A New York Minute Cabaret
Own It
Cabaret Asia
Sabotage Miliatry Nation
Grind Fury
Hip-hop Amanda C


Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style Dancer(s)
Casting Special Richy's Combo Unknown
Robin's Combo
Push It (La La La La)
Abby's Combo
Don't Catch Me
Let the Dancing Begin Let the Dancing Begin
Good Girl/Bad Girl
Unleash The Monsters Unleash the Monsters
Like a Monster
Get Into Character Get Into Character
It's Good to be Me
In A New York Minute In a New York Minute Unknown
Sabotage Warriors Unknown
Dancing Through the Decades Dancing through the Decades
Rise to the Top
Dance for Your Life Mama I Made It Unknown

AUDC Episode Results Table

Episode  CS   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10 
Safe Safe Safe Safe
Safe Top Eliminated


  • Just Plain Dancin' has also been one of Asia's studios.