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Cindy Passanante-Walton
Gender: Female
Home: Yardley, Pennsylvania
Affiliations: Dance on Q
Friends and Family
Spouse: Dale (husband)
Children: Gianna (daughter)
Michael (son)
Nicholas (son)
Trent (son)
Episode Run
Debut: Make It Count!
Eliminated: Meet Abby's Newest Ultimate Dancer
Last: Meet Abby's Newest Ultimate Dancer

Cindy Passanante-Walton is the mother of Gianna Newborg.

On Abby's Ultimate Competiton

Out of all the moms, Cindy got involved in drama the most. The moms often viewed her as sneaky, as she constantly did anything she could to get Gianna ahead.

Abby also took a disliking to Cindy, as she thought she was too smart mouthed and loud.

Other Information

  • Cindy is of Italian heritage.
  • Her favorite styles of dance to watch are jazz and lyrical.
  • As well as being a dance mom, she claims she's also a "soccer mom".
  • As well as being the manager of a family business, Cindy is also in charge of costumes and accessories at Gianna's studio.
  • Cindy's divorce was fininalised just two weeks before filming for Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.
  • In 2015, Cindy got married.

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