Bend it Like Abby
Episode Number 8 (8 Overall)
Air Date November 27, 2012
Theme Around the World
Skill Flexibility
Top Dancer(s) Brianna
Bottom Dancer(s) Jordyn
Eliminated Jordyn Jones
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Preceded by
Happily Never After
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Cirque du Solos

Bend it Like Abby is the eighth episode of the first season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. It aired on November 27, 2012.


The final five dancers must be very flexible this week as they try to master dance styles from around the world. One dancer starts some drama that quickly goes global after she tells her mother she overheard other dancers saying she wished she had been eliminated. Another dancer struggles to connect with the history of the people that inspired her routine. And, the bottom two dancers must undergo a flexibility test to stay in the competition.


Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style
All Dancers Harajuku
Amanda C Latin
Da Club
Asia French
C'est La Vie
Madison Indian
Hooray 4 Bollywood
Brianna African
Promised Land
Jordyn Asian
Action Chinese Opener

Other Information

  • This was the second week where a "test" was done to decide who was going home (the first being in In a New York Minute which was a dance-off) between Asia and Jordyn. It is unknown if the outcome of the dance-off would be different if Jordyn had not pulled a muscle.
  • Brianna won her first challenge and she won the ability to choose the ethnic of her routine. She chose African and the other dancers were given their routines by random.