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Angela Beatty
Gender: Female
Home: Winston Salem, North Carolina
Occupation: Studio Owner
Dance Teacher
Affiliations: Institute of Divine Arts (owner)
Friends and Family
Children: Chloe Beatty (daughter)
Episode Run
Debut: Make It Count!
Eliminated: Dare to Be You (call back card)
Gods and Mortals
Last: Gods and Mortals

Angela Beatty is the mother of Chloe Beatty.

On Abby's Ultimate Competiton

Angela was shown to be very religious and dedicated to her faith. She believed that God put Chloe in the competition and had total control of her fate. Her advice to Chloe for the show was to completely submerge herself in the experience and have no regrets.

In Dare to Be You, the judges decided to send Chloe home. However, Richy chose to use his call back card to add her back to the competition, as he believed she had more to show.

The pair were eliminated once again in the following episode.

Other Information

  • Her favourite style of dance to watch is contemporary ballet.
  • Her hobbies are teaching, writing, singing and acting.

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