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   nAmanda Carbajales
Season 1 Contestant
Background Information
Gender Female
Age 21 (12 on AUDC)
Date of Birth December 20th, 2000
Occupation Dancer
Studio Dance Town
Hometown Miami, FL
Competition Information
Season   Season 1
Place   4th
Favored Genres
First Appearance
  Casting Special
Last Appearance
  Dance for Your Life
Episode Eliminated
  Cirque du Solos
Friends and Family
Mayelin (mother)
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Amanda Carbajales is a 21-year old dancer and former contestant on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.


Amanda was enrolled in dance because her mother thought it was important to be involved in after school activities. Amanda's favorite style of dance to perform and watch is lyrical. If Amanda won the $100,000, then it would be put towards her dance training and college. If Amanda doesn't become a professional dancer, then she would like to teach dance.

On Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Amanda was in the final fourteen but landed in the bottom three in the Casting Special. Amanda moved on to the main competition and was complimented for her performance in week one. Amanda made it by week two and week three. Amanda won the group challenge against Lennon and won a solo, which made her the best performance of the week. Amanda continued on and was placed in the hip-hop group in week five thanks to Hadley and Yvette, but she still continued on and out-danced Hadley in their duet, according to Robin, in week six. Amanda almost won the group challenge in week seven but lost to Madison. She was praised for her expression in their duet and moved on. Amanda was given a Latin solo that was right in her element. Then Amanda was set play a contortionist in week nine but failed to execute the facial expressions the judges wanted from Amanda for many weeks. Amanda was sent home but returned for the finale.

On Live to Dance

In 2011, Amanda was one of many dancers competing in the short lived competition show "Live to Dance." Amanda was in a duo called D'Angelo & Amanda with her partner D'Angelo. The pair were Latin ballroom dancers and made it on to the show. D'Angelo and Amanda eventually made it to the top three and were voted the winners, winning the title of 'Best Dance Act in America' and $500,000.

On America's Got Talent

Amanda has once again appeared on another competition show, competing with D'Angelo on Season 8 of America's Got Talent. Amanda and D'Angelo went under the name "D'Angelo and Amanda" and competed mainly against "Ruby and Jonas", another ballroom dancing duo. Ruby of "Ruby and Jonas" happens to be D'Angelo's sister. In their audition, they revealed they had broken up four times. They made it past the audition and in to the Vegas round, and then made it past the Vegas round and on to the main competition. The duo made it all the way to Top Twelve but did not make it into the Top Six.

AUDC Performances


Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style
In A New York Minute New York Runaway
New York
Bend it Like Abby Latin
Da Club
Cirque du Solos Freakshow Contortionist
Beast of the East


Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style Dancer(s)
Get Into Character Technology Addiction
Internet Legend
Hip-Hop Jordyn
Dancing Through the Decades 1950s Swing
My Little Tina
Swing Hadley
Happily Never After Snow White and the Evil Queen
Mirror Mirror
Contemporary Ballet Madison


Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style Dancer(s)
Let the Dancing Begin Lonely Hollywood
I'm Not Perfect
Contemporary Brianna
Unleash The Monsters Vampire Mystique
Femme Fatale
Jazz Funk Brianna
Kyleigh Jai
Sabotage Military Nation
Grind Fury
Hip-Hop Elisabeth


Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style Dancer(s)
Casting Special Richy's Combo Unknown
Robin's Combo
Push It (La La La La)
Abby's Combo
Don't Catch Me
Let the Dancing Begin Let the Dancing Begin
Good Girl/Bad Girl
Unleash The Monsters Unleash the Monsters
Like a Monster
Get Into Character Get Into Character
It's Good to be Me
In A New York Minute In a New York Minute Unknown
Sabotage Warriors Unknown
Dancing Through the Decades Dancing through the Decades
Rise to the Top
Happily Never After Happily Never After
Mystic Tryst
Bend it Like Abby Harajuku Unknown
Cirque du Solos Circus
Dance for Your Life Mama I Made It Unknown

AUDC Episode Results Table

Episode  CS   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10 
Bottom Safe Safe Safe Top
Safe Safe Top Safe Eliminated


  • Despite getting eliminated, Amanda C (along with Asia, Madison, and Brianna) made a physical appearance in every Season 1 episode.
  • Amanda C has ballroom dancing experience.
  • Amanda C competed in two other competition shows, Live to Dance (which she won) and America's Got Talent (where she placed in the Top 12).
  • In both America's Got Talent and Live to Dance, Amanda competed with her ballroom dancing partner D'Angelo.
  • She is so far the only dancer to win a challenge and get eliminated in the same episode.

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