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Hey there everyone who reads this! Currently I am the sole active admin of this wiki. I was granted admin status along with bureaucrat rights back in Febuary Anyone who wishes to become and admin must be quialified for it. I have had many ask me to make them admins and after chatting with some admins on other wikis who gave me suggestions, I decided to make this guideline on the steps to becoming an admin along with some rules.

  • You must be a user, not a random wikia contributor
  • Being active is a must. If you are granted the status, please inform me of your absence. 
  • Obviously you need to ask me, Mikitty092393, for it and I will probably send you to this page.
  • Please do not ask to be an admin and you only have minimal edits to the wiki. I won't make you an admin if you only made a few edits even if you made 1,000 on another wiki. Earn your wings here.
  • Speaking of which, on this wiki, everything you've accomplished on other wikis doesn't matter. Even if you are from a sister wiki and an admin on 20 other wikis, you will not be given status automatically. Once again, earn your wings here. 
  • It's not just about how many edits anymore! One person from another wiki told me to look carefully at the quality of the edits (gramatical and spelling mistakes). I myself am guilty for having terrible spelling and grammer but I resurrected this wiki from it's former (being frank) crappy ways. I created and cleaned up a majority of the pages so I paid my dues here. If you want to be an admin, you must show me you have quality along quantity.
  • Any type of abuse of the status will result in admin status being taken away
  • You must act professional during the process, which will probably be harsh, long, and annoying. I will examine the edits you have done and give critiques. Even if you made 3,000 edits but most came with ton of grammer mistakes, the admin status is out of reach.
  • Do not make executive decisions on the wikia without my approval. I am the Bureaucrat of the wiki and I worked hard to fix it up so much. I put alot of heart, time, and soul into this wiki so I take much control of it. This will include adding/subtracting features (such as the badge system which I disagree with), commenting (which has been disabled), theme, and much more.

Here are some additional Admin musts. More will probably come.

  • Admins must follow ALL the rules above
  • Admins must assist with keeping vandalism off of the wiki. This will include getting rid of malicious comments on the pages and falsified information. Inform Miktty092393 of any major malicious edits.
  • Admins must be professional, kind, and helpful towards other users
  • Admins must be good communicators. This means alerting each other and myself of ideas and issues

Please remember to follow the above standerds if you recive admin status and if you want admin status. I am now going to be much more strict about enforcing these. I am strict about this wiki mainly due to the vandalism that has occured on this wiki so I'm protective as well. Now please don't forget to enjoy this wiki!

Mikitty092393 (talk) 00:46, November 2, 2013 (UTC)